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Statistical Quality Control Using the SAS System,
By Dennis W. King, Ph.D., President & CEO/Senior Statistician
STATKING Consulting, Inc.

Order no.:MS55232 Price: $44.95 Pages: 383 ISBN: 1-55544-280-3

Using an example-based approach, Dr. King's book smoothly guides you through using SAS/QC® software to analyze quality control data and improve processes. Filled with data examples, this book gives you a behind-the-scenes look at quality control tasks performed with SAS® software and features software strategies for collecting data, designing experiments, creating sampling plans, and obtaining precise quality control measurements.

Reporting from the Field: SAS Software Experts Present Real-World Report-Writing Applications

Order no.: MS55135 Price: $32.95 Pages: 329 ISBN: 1-55544-644-2

Dr. King's chapter in this SAS book explains various methods for ARLs (average run lengths of control charts) to be used to detect changes in a process parameter. His chapter and the others, written by other SAS consultants, feature practical SAS report-writing applications ranging from the elementary to the advanced.

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